Mentoring Registration

4. August 2019   Lukas  

become a mentor – register now

Relive the orientation week? 

We are looking for mentors for 7 October to 11 October 2019 .

We are always searching for international students who can share their experience with other international students. 

Sign up for the mentoring program by 16 August 2019. You guide freshwomen and freshmen through the first week and through the first semester. Meanwhile, you are going to:

✅ Get to know new people 

✅ Improve Softskills 

✅ Receive a certificate for your voluntary work 

A training course will take place on 2 October or 5 October. There you will be prepared for your work as a mentor. This course is mandatory if you want to receive the certificate. 

The Training course and a large part of the program will be in german language. If you have any concerns about language barriers, let us know. We take care of it when planning.

If you are interested you can register as a mentor or helper using the form (german).

We look forward to hearing from you.